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About Me

Pandit Persad’s spiritual knowledge began from the tender age of five when he began accompanying his father, also a Pandit, to Pujas and Yagya’s. He fondly recalled sitting at both his father’s and grandfather’s knees while listening to numerous discourses from our Hindu Scriptures. Pandit Bhisham Persad is often engaged in giving discourses on the Holy Ramayan, Maha Bhagwat Puran, Shiv Puran, Bhagwat Gita and other Hindu Scriptures, both locally and internationally.

Born on October 21, 1972, this young and gifted holy man is much in demand because of his versatility, knowledge and Music when it comes to the Hindu Philosophy. The Pandit’s method of relating the Hindu Scriptures leaves the listener with a much clearer view of the messages of Hinduism at the end of each discourse.

Despite his growing name, he is indeed a humble man and a devoted servant of God and also a Community Leader. Pandit Persad grew up in the ways of the cloth having been born into a family of Pandits. He is the seventh generation of a line of Pandits going back to Utter Pradesh, (Vrindraban), India.

His Ajaa (paternal grandfather) was Pandit Sahadeo Persad Dubay Sharma, the Dharmacharya of T&T up until his death in 1986. In 1902 his Ajaa came from India by Ship over the Kala Paani, whilst his nana (maternal grandfather) was the late Pandit Ramanan Maharaj.

Born to Pandit Jankie and Shrimati Badewattie Persad Sharma of St Mary’s Village, Moruga, Pandit Persad was the fourth of six children. Pandit Persad attended Marabella Presbyterian Government Primary School before continuing studies at the Marabella Junior / Senior Composite School. He then completed his studies of Architectural Engineering in Canada.

Persad’s spiritual knowledge began from the tender age of five when he began accompanying his father, also a Pandit, to pujas, yagya’s, weddings funerals etc. He fondly recalled sitting at both his father’s and grandfather’s knees while listening to numerous discourses. Eventually, under the careful training and instructions of his father, Pandit Persad began performing pujas at the age of 15. Thus he said, began his life-long love of an ancient tradition of promoting Sanathan Dharma that strengthened to adulthood.

Being a handsome young man, Pandit Persad’s bachelor life did not last too long, In August 1996, he married Srimattie Babita Persad. They are the parents of Sanjay who was born in 1999 respectively. Sanjay, a very talented young man, he is versed in Tabla, Dholak, Keyboards, Violin and Harmonium, and one day hopes to master all of these traditional instruments. Pandit Persad depends on Sanjay as one of his main musicians for his performances. Sanjay has proven to be the axle of Pandit Bhisham wheels. Srimattie Babita also plays an important part of Pandit Persad performances as a main stream singer and a chorus singer.

Persad is a well-known Pandit/Lecturer/Marriage Officer/Councillor who lectures both locally and abroad. He said he intends to continue humbly serving his people with love, dedication and devotion.

Pandit Persad, Shrimattie Babita and Sanjay has also released two CDs—Tum Chandan Hum Paani and Ardhganeshwar which has both been a very successful project. These CDs were realease in 2007 & 2008.
One of Persad’s favourite quotes is: “As Bhagwan Shri Krishna says, ‘Whatever you do, let it be as prasad offered to me and, in the journey of life, let not the pairs of opposites hamper the tranquility and equipoise of the mind. Happiness and Sorrow, Gain and Loss, Victory and Defeat are opposing each other at all times, hence in the mixture of ever changing moods be stable. As the axle of a wheel holds the turning wheel firm, so also, a seeker of the self allows the changes to take place and not be affected.’”

Yours in Dharma
Pandit Bhisham Persad

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